Sunday, 4 December 2011

Floating Along Together

After a long and needed hiatus, I am stoking the flames on this old blog once again.  I will start with posting this recent gem from the "Sketchy, Booky" category:

This is the front of a card I made for Tracy.  The airsloop (depicted) belongs to Tracy and me, and we like to sail the skies and see things from up high like in Google Maps, but with that weird tingling sensation you get in high places.  As you can see, it's quite an advanced ship, with a good strong propeller engine; a hot steady gas flame to hold it aloft; a canvas rudder, with which to steer the craft; and two fine balloons, swollen with hot air.  It even has a bay window in the cabin, so that the views may be more readily enjoyed with a glass of India pale ale.

As a final bit of news, Visimagora now has a website, within which you can see some of the works you've likely seen here, but presented neatly and all-together like within a codex, but "digital" in the parlance of our modern times.  You'll probably need this URL:

Hasten, hasten!  It hungers, and too much blood has already been spilled to sate its appetite.