Monday, 20 February 2012

A Look around the Studio!

 I've always found myself fascinated by the creative spaces of artists, even before I myself was an artist of any sort.  Now that I have a space of my own in which I am creative, it's fun to share it with others who are equally as curious as I.  I took a trio of shots of the Visimagora studio, just to give Vizzies (yeah, that'll catch on) a chance to see where the bizarre pictures are created.  Here they are, posted below, all you need to do is look at them:

This is my desk, where most of the magic happens.  It's not always this neat, but I try to keep it at least in good shape.  On the left is my carousel for markers and microns, as well as the Red Book, where the very seeds of concepts are created.

Here's a POV shot, from where I sit when I'm drawing.  A closer shot of the carousel, as well as a cup of hot chocolate, my cork-board, and the mechanisms of the Best Lamp Ever.

Finally, a view of the computer/printing area and its associated Inspiration Board.  Much of the time, if I'm sitting here, Tracy can be seen in this seat.  High-quality inkjet prints (which can be found at Visimagora's Etsy shop) are printed here.

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